Group Loan

For groups of five borrowers, we provide financing for the purchase of productive assets such as raw materials, shop stocks, small machinery and livestock. Loans are also available for specific needs such as agriculture, healthcare and education.

Small Business Loans

Our business loans are meant to provide working capital to business owners in both rural and urban locations. Through a loan from Fullerton Myanmar, we hope to enable micro entrepreneurs to improve and grow their businesses.

Personal Loans

Our personal loans are suitable for salaried individuals looking to renovate their home or buy new furniture, appliances and small electronics. This loan can also be used for other consumption purposes such as medical emergencies, marriage or education.

Hire Purchase

We provide hire purchase financing to business owners or salaried individuals for durable goods like motorbikes. The borrower only needs to make a minimum deposit, and we will take care of ensuring that the item is made available for his/her use:


Group Compulsory Savings

We are committed to helping our group borrowers maintain a savings habit, in preparation for important life events or for emergencies. We collect a fixed savings amount during each center meeting.

Voluntary Savings

We encourage our members to put aside savings amidst the challenges of everyday life and business. Money kept in our voluntary deposit account will earn interest and be available when you need it.


Credit Life Insurance

In collaboration with our insurance partners, we provide each of our borrowers with insurance coverage in the event of death or permanent disability.

Micro Fire Insurance

In collaboration with our insurance partners, we offer our members protection in case a fire occurs in their home. For more information, please speak to your Loan Officer.
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