Daw Su Su Hlaing was born in Insein in Yangon, but has since moved to Hinthada township in Ayeyarwaddy. She is the third of five siblings, and has been working in the clothing and cosmetics industry for about 10 years.

Her partnership with Fullerton Finance Myanmar started back in 2014 when Fullerton first opened its doors. As a group loan customer, her loan amount has grown from the minimum to MMK1 million. The loans have been invested in clothing and cosmetic products, which she sells to the village shops either on retail or wholesale basis. She plans to utilize future loans to expand to other markets, based on where there is high demand for her products.

Daw Su Su Hlaing is happy that she can get a low interest rate from Fullerton, compared to what other lenders offer. She has a close relationship with her Loan Officer, and they work together to ensure positive outcomes.


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