Daw Mya Hnin Aung is from Pathein township, where she has lived all her life. She has been running the family convenience store for 16 years. Her husband has a motorcycle taxi, her eldest daughter is working in the garment industry, and her two younger daughters are schooling.

She has been a loyal customer of Fullerton Finance Myanmar, and is now on her fifth loan cycle. She has invested the funds into her home business by expanding the product range, and has also helped her daughter purchase sewing machines for her garment business. Her future goal is to further improve the performance of the convenience store by adding more products.

Daw Mya Hnin Aung will use the proceeds from her growing business to provide the best possible education to her two younger daughters. She is glad that her partnership with Fullerton has allowed her business as well as her oldest daughter’s business to prosper, and intends to continue with the relationship to improve their livelihood and achieve their goals.


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