Fullerton Myanmar recognizes and rewards each staff member based on his/her performance and contributions. Especially for the key contributors, we encourage mobility within the organization, as this provides opportunities to rapidly enhance their skills and expand their knowledge.

We conduct a host of onboarding and skills training for new joiners, as well as regular refresher courses for various roles. We uphold strict operating standards, have a high regard for compliance with our policies and processes, and value staff members who share the same sentiment.  Given the rapid changes in the microfinance industry, we do our best to ensure that our staff are well-equipped to respond to these developments.

Fullerton Myanmar believes that career progression is for everyone. We have recommended career paths for certain key roles (e.g. Loan Officer, Risk Officer), and a number of our staff have been successful at going from the first step to the top in just a few years. To support our employees in achieving https://fullertonmyanmar.com/careers/job-vacancies/ their career goals, we conduct regular capability assessments and maintain pools of high-potential staff who would move to the next level when the next opportunity arises.

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